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Missing Input 1-2 Option


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I'm fairly new to Logic Pro - about 3-4 months - and haven't had much of an issue up until now. I just finished a project and everything went well and then started in on a new project (Explore > Empty Project ... as I've been doing).


Now the strange part ... I go to add a new track and don't get any Input 1-2 option - only "No Input" or "Bus" ...


Can anyone please help with this? I've added a picture so you can see what I see.


Thanks for any feedback!




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Right, sorry about that


Logic Pro 8.0.2 | Mac OS 10.5.6 | MacBook Pro 2.4 GHz | CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo | RAM: 4GB | Internal: 160GB / External: LaCie 400 Firewire 150GB HD | Mic: Blue Snowball USB


I should hopefully have this in the signature now too ...


During this time, I figure out what my issue was in losing the Input for the Audio part ... The Audio Midi Setup's Aggregate had lost the input for the mic somehow. I ended up editing the Aggregate in the Audio Midi Setup and now have the Input back .... Whew!


Next time I'll try and do a bit better job in getting all the required information.



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