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High pitched awfulness


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Hi, I am doing the finishing touches on an album in my home studio. The problem I am having is every time I bounce a song in Logic and throw it in Waveburner to burn it to cd, I get the most awful high pitched frequency. Its not super apparent but enough to drive me crazy. It sounds like Waveburner is taking the hiss that is in the bounced track and amplifying it. Its really frustrating me. I also plan on putting this in the Waveburner forum, if there is one, but I thought maybe it could be something I am doing in Logic when I bounce. I just took a moment to play the tracks with my the Mac "Finder" preview, and they sound fine. so I guess it has something to do with WB. Any ideas?

Just to be clear, I am bouncing the files as 24bit, 88.2khz Aiff Files. I thought WB converted the files to whatever it needed (I believe 44.1khz, Aiff files), but I will try to bounce it to 44.1 in logic first and see if that works.



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