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Logic 7-IAC-Motu 2408

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Have been trying to figure this out. All I want to do is to record some PLAY standalones using Logic 7.2.3 and IAC. I'VE gotten the midi part figures out but the audios not coming into Logic.


I don't want a complicated setup, i.e. I don't want Soundflower, Rewire, Bidule or Jack Pilot. Is there a way with my present setup (I have TWO motu 2408 with the PCI424 card in my MacPro? Is there some cabeling I can do to get the sound FROM the 2408 back into Logic? I'm even willing to dump this MOTU system for an Apogee Ensemble or an RME system if those interfaces would work better for getting the sound back into Logic.


Any thoughts? Thanks in advance.

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