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strange sysex messages and problems with dv ofer firewire


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trying to get to grips with parcularities of my new system...logic 7.2.1...


when i enable record, i am getting sysex messages sent out to all ports. midi monitor is showing:


time: ***ZERO***

source: both keystation pro-88 and delta 1010

data: unknown manufacturer 8 bytes.


this happens whether or not i have a movie running. the midi indicators on my external equipment are blinking furiously, and while it does not seem to affect playback, i have a feeling this strange midi behaviour is affecting my video when i do have it up.


ideas anyone?



- midi clock is not being transmitted.

- resetting the midi drivers helps only sometimes, and it always comes back.

- prefs have been trashed.

- happens with factory autoloads.

- it might be tempting to blame the keystation midi, (which i am using as an interface) but bear in mind that those midi messages are being sent from logic to ALL midi ports including the delta 1010. midi monitor can see the messages being sent to where, it's defintiely coming from logic.



in general i am not happy with my firewire dv. when i save the picture and sound break up and become pixelated and i have to reload the movie. sometimes when i save i get a scrambled picture. there is no problem with firewire dv in other apps.


i really suspect there is something related with my sysex messages and QT over firewire.

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