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Longshot!! Any Logic Users in Roscommon, Ireland.

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Hi Guys,


Just to introduce myself - I've been a long time Lurker..


My name is J & I live 5 mins from Roscommon, in Ireland.


Its in the country - Great place. I was living in Dublin for about 13 years, but have moved back home with my Wife & Son. Its great getting out of the rat race altogether. A totally different pace of life.


Anyway.. Just wondering if there are any Logic Users down here?


I'm making Deep / Tech House mainly... but I'm really interested to find out if there are any other like minded Human Beings around with a love of Logic & Mac's?


Just to know whats going on around the place.. Style of music doesnt matter.


I've got a bet with myself that there will be no-one! LOL :( :) :lol:


Take it easy!

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Cheers Lads..


I live & hope! Haha!


Yeah.. I''d say most people down here are PC . Its probably the most rural county in Ireland. It aint looking good.


I've tried searching MySpace for anyone in the area.. but it appears to be a bit of a Black Hole in that regard. I'm going to try another forum that I use quite a bit & see what happens.


SO - Its highly doubtful alright - But you never know..

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I belive that Chris Eccles is also based in Cork. I know that there are a couple of Dublin based guys here and Kwackman is from Belfast but you're the first I've heard from Roscommon. I'm in Kildare about 25-30 miles west of Dublin. I wouldn't be too hopeful of hearing from anyone in your area but you never know.



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