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Latency Compensation and External Effects Routing


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Btw, i have never heard of solo-safe, what is that?

It's what you need to read up on in the manual because it will solve your problem of not being able to solo tracks that use the I/O plug. You will need to solo-safe the output channelstrips that feed your external gear.


My issue with the i/o-plugin is that everything after the plugin will become unusable. Meaning the volume fader, pan, solo, mute buttons will seize to have any effect. The signal seems to be taken out to the plugin, and might even get in again, but is then routed to the specific output set in the plugin, and only there. Nothing seems to get through to the lower section of the channel strip.

Then you either don't have signal present at your interface inputs (coming from your effects gear) or you haven't selected the correct input in the I/O plug's for that return signal. Check through everything again. It helps sometimes if you get it working in a new empty project first. Keeps things clear and simple.


solo-safe didn't work, at least not when i use the i/o plugins on the busses. didn't try in the respective channels till now.


in the i/o-plug i choose for example stereo input 5-6 as input, and output 5-6 as output. i would guess that's what i should do, right?


anyway, thanks for looking into this. i'm guessing it's the motu, although reaper works fine with it.

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Hey, can anyone advise me for setting kind of setup that i can process eg. bass audiotrack with my Avalon 2055 EQ and hear rest of the mix from the monitors excluding the track i'm feeding to my hardware unit ?.


This is not problem if i want to EQ track while soloing it, but adjusting it while mix is playing would be awesome!.

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