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Punch bug?


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Hi there.

I'm finding there seems to be unusual behavior with punch-ins while trying to punch across an audio track and instrument track at the same time.


I have my arrange page set to "no overlap" and also have the "replace" function (button) ON. If i punch across either an instrument track OR an audio track independently, the behavior is expected. Complete punch at punch point - NO overlaps - NO merge (on the midi track).


If i punch both the midi and the audio track at the same time - now the audio track region is OVERLAP - instead of take folders (which sucks) and the MIDI/instrument track is MERGING (no matter what i do or what settings i set). In fact the midi track acts a little like i'm in cycle record mode and tries to follow the behavior in the song settings.


Any help or commentary/confirmation on this would be appreciated. I'm assuming this is a bug. I can't think of one good reason why it would act this way.


thanks for the help.


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