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timing issues after trashing preferences


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i'll try and explain this as best i can.


my current project starting causing logic to freeze, but not in the usual way where the overload message appears, it just stops playing and the transport buttons won't work. it is still possible to access menus and editor windows but not possible to actually edit anything.


to try and solve this i trashed the 2 preference files. now what happens is the song will play without freezing but all the parts are way out of sync and i'm getting long latency when playing some of the plugins.


never experienced this before, any pointers?


to add to that, now the problem of freezing has returned, not only on this project but others too. the last crash suggested that the problem was caused by stylusrmx.


here is the crash report.


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erratic behavior continues...


seems to either freeze up or play everything out of sync.


i checked my tracks individually (all MIDI) and nothing matches up with the metronome.


any help most appreciated.

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