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Footswitch for patch change - problems


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Running MS on my 17" MB Pro, and am very satisfied overall. I switch between guitar and keys and use MS for both.


Switching patches on the keys is no problem, it was easily mapped to a pair of buttons on my 88 key Studiologic VMK 188.


To switch patches on guitar, bought a Boss FS-6 dual footswitch which I route through the VMK 188, and the "learn" function works just fine in layout mode and quickly recognizes the FS 6.


HOWEVER - when I go into Edit or Perform mode, one of two things happens: (1) if the switch type is set to "absolute" in layout mode, I can only change patches once, and then it doesn't do anything after that; (2) if the switch type is set to "press/release", it picks up the footswitch every time but instead of moving forward or backward one patch at a time it jumps forward or backward by some random number of patches - 5, 6, 3, etc.


Also, when I press the hardware switch in layout mode, the on-screen switch responds just as it should, lighting up when I press the hardware switch, but in perform and edit mode, the same onscreen switch doesn't visually respond when I press the hardware one.


I have the VMK 188 programmed to send a CC on 85.


Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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