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MIDI in Logic 7.1 - Bouncing down file as audio?

Horde Prime

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I have a type-1 MIDI file I have imported into Logic 7.1.1 on a PowerMac G5 running OS 10.4.10. I have no outboard MIDI gear, only the internal stuff that came with the computer.


Originally, I could get nothing to work. Then I opened the Quicktime MIDI template and imported my file in there. The tracks are then played using the Quicktime Synth.


Each line works OK by itself, but I can't export the entire mix as audio. It will only play one GM sound at a time; that of the currently selected track. Obviously this is no good, so I have been exporting one track at a time then mixing it later. There must be an easier way to work with MIDI in Logic though!


What is the best way to export MIDI as audio in Logic? Is there a better template to use?


Also, is there a way to split up one MIDI track (like a type-0 MIDI file) into separate tracks?



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