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Problems!!! with my mac while installing two new drives!!

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"I think i'm going crazy....


I picked up two WD drives WD3200JD Serial ATA 320 GB 7200

So i took out the old one and installed my disks..my monitor is not even lighting up...and my keyboard & mouse also.

Dunno what's wrong, the only thing i did was also put 2 GB ram and the drives...

Still nothing, the on/off button from the G5 keep blinking slowly...

So i decided to put back my old drive again, and now i'm still having this problem.

Even the old drive doesn't want to start up...

Anyone who had this problem before?


Please help or any info..is needed...i think i'm going crazy...

I don't my mac is broken...is not even 2 years old.....hardly used it.

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