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UltraBeat - Routing and Recording


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I've been playing around witih UltraBeats routing capabilities recently and it's all starting to come together...with one exception.


I was really hoping that by splitting up the outputs that I would be able to easily bounce or freeze the individual parts of the UB output into audio files for moving around. However, because I have to route the UB outputs through an Aux track there is no freeze button and so I'm back to boucing with mutes and solos just to generate some audio files.


So, I guess what I'm really wondering here is this: is there a way to route audio from UB outputs into a normal Audio Track where I can freeze the audio OR is there a way to real-time record the output of an Aux or Bus into an Audio Track. Really I'm open to any suggestions or tips/tricks to do this.



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Hmmm..Just figured out the multiple UB instrument myself so there might be a better way to do this..


Get Cycling74s' Soundflower...It's a virtual soundcard you could say.

Setup an aggregrate device with your audio interface + Soundflower 16 channel.This gives you an extra 16 virtual ins and outs.

route the auxes to different Soundflower outs and set the track inputs to the corresponding Soundflower inputs.


record and then remove silence at the beginning of the tracks due to the latency.

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