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Ultrabeat loses track of samples when saved within Projects?


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Why is it that when I save a project with all my custom samples loaded into the Ultrabeat, I have to manually re-find them once it comes time for me to open the saved project?




- I'm working on a project, many instances of the Ultrabeat, many wav samples loaded into a blank 'sample player' patch.

- I save the project, making sure that all samples are to be saved in their respective folders along with the project.

- I go and open the project folders, double checking that the samples are indeed saved. Yep - they are.

- I Send the project file and folder out to my laptop to work on it on the go.

- I Recheck the files.

- I load up the project file, all normal samples load, yet the Ultrabeat comes up with a search window and tells me to find EACH. INDIVIDUAL. HIT. Which are located DIRECTLY in the folder that Logic itself saved them in. No tampering. No modifications.

- Then I spend the next hour manually finding the samples out of the SAME folder...


You'd think that if I saved a project, along with all files associated with it, and Logic put them in a specific destination folder, that it MIGHT know where to go and find them once it comes time to reopen the project.


Maybe I'm doing something wrong? Any ideas?



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