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Playback timing of Audio Instruments seems to fluctuate


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It seems like when I program a drum loop in the matrix editor while using battery for sample playback the loop seems to feel loose even when perfectly quantized. What would be the reasoning behind this as I know AU instruments should be sample acurate. For example my mc-909 seems to have much better timing is this normal when compared to an AU instrument (I know it's normal for regular midi to outboard synth/sampler). maybe I'm using the wrong samples but the feeeling is a push and pulling of the rythym. I've heard the term jitter used does this seem like jitter. my problem is barely noticeably you have to really really focus to hear it. Is jitter like that or is it a more noticeable problem/effect. I need to figure out if I am just hyperfocusing or if there my be a valid reason for an AU Sampler to play back like that. My RME card is pci based and I have a UAD-1. I am having the same problem even worse with my external gear receiving midi from logics matrix editor.

Thanks for your guys time in this



logic 7.1 G5 dual 2gig

RME HDSP 9632 pci card/sound interface

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