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Vocal Channel Strip


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Hello, everyone!

Please excuse me if I am overlooking something, but I wanted to know something:

Do any of you have a good vocal channel strip setting you would be willing to share with everybody?

I have been covering a couple of tunes laerly, and thought I would put some vox on them (BTW - my singing sucks bad!). Then it occurs to me that of all the "trial and error" I am doing, I never thought to ask if somebody might have some presets they would like (or wouldn't mind) sharing with the myself, and the gnang 'round here. Thanks for your input!

Take care!

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ok - I do mostly rock type of music .... I have no discipline with my voice; therefore, sometimes I am louder than others .... I feel as if I sound very "mono-ish" & boring.

The only plugins I have are those that came with Logic Pro 7 (pretty sad, eh?).

But they are ok for me right now.

Thanks for your input on this!

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