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How do make more midi channels for one audio instrument?


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Wow...what a upgrade..last and been awhile working with logic 5.0 on pc...and then upgraded to..Protools HD...and sold that...upgraded to Logic 7.1...what a difference.

But now i'm in a different ballgame...selling all the soundmodules...and going virtual.


Spectrasonics: Trilogy/Stylus/Atmosphere

Synthogy Ivory Piano

Musiclab Real Guitar 2.0

Novation V-Station

East West Orchestra Silver

Cellemony Melodyne uno

All running in apple G5 DP1.8GHZ/3.24GB/2x 320GB on 10.4 tiger

And i'm keeping my Akai MPC-4000 and some outboard.


How can i make more midi channel tracks for one Virtual instrument?

I'm not planning to open lots of the same instruments for more sounds.

Basically i need in total 7 Audio instruments tracks....but i want for each instrument like 5 midichannels...

Anyone who can tip me on this....?



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