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Craig Patane

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Ciao everyone,


This is my first time posting! I have been using logic 7 since last june on a Dual 2.0 G5 w/ 3g ram. I upgraded to 7.2 and i am on the latest version of Tiger!


Couple of questions I have not been able to find answers for:


1. Whenever I record midi data from my hardware synths via the external instrument plugin....I get very bad latency, but if I don't use the external inst there is no latency. This is where it gets weird ..if I record my midi performance without the plugin, but then switch to using it after the performance is recorded......no latency!


2. I have a ton of plugins, but one of them the polysix from the legacy series exhibits latency, but not all the time......it comes and goes!


3. I just bought an external firewire lacie drive D2 250g....I move all of my exs24 samples to it...no problem, but I also moved my ultrabeat samples and now ultrabeat will not let me access them..so I moved it back! My question is how do I utilize this external drive to make logic perform more efficiently.


4. the drive keeps going to sleep on me...


ex. I take a 10min break and go back to logic and press play...i get Core audio to slow....I hit stop and then play...the drive wakes up and no problem!


My audio interface is a yamaha 01X and I88X.


Thanx Guys[/b]

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