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GarageBand plug-in missing in Logic


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A handful of instruments, namely the orchestra organs, won't convert to Logic when loading a GarageBand song: Logic complains that the organ plug-in isn't available. This doesn't happen for organ presets based on the Emagic Vintage B3, only for the orchestra organs coming from the 4th jam pack:


• orchestra baroque organ

• orchestra bass organ

• orchestra cathedral organ

• orchestra deep organ

• orchestra flute organ

• orchestra fugue organ

• orchestra mellow organ

• orchestra noble organ

• orchestra romantic organ

• orchestra toccata organ

• orchestra wedding organ


Worth noticing is the fact that for the other organ presets, Logic does launch the EVB3 interface, since it doesn't have the genuine GB plug-in interface for them...


I've looked into these particular preset files and found they referenced perfectly valid EXS24 instruments, yet they won't load merely because the plug-in is missing, and the problem is I have to mix a song that uses these instruments — I'm not sure whether EXS24 substitutes would sound exactly as intended! Am I the only one, or did you experience the missing organs too?


Note: this problem isn't specific to the release 3 of GB, or the release 2.1 of Logic — I noticed it about 9 months ago, while still using GB 2 and Logic 7.1.1 but thought the most recent Logic release would supply the missing plug-in. Or maybe no one complained?...

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> Those GarageBand instruments are just simple GUIs on top of Logic's plug-ins and audio engine.


Thanks, David... I knew this already, and I expect the default settings should sound the same, but the problem is the controls in the simplified GB interfaces really manipulate many parameters at once — macro-controls, sort of... The only way to find out what and how much is actually tweaked is (1) to load the plug-in, then (2) substitute it for the real thing — or paste the channel strip settings as-is onto it.


Obviously, I can't do this unless I do load the infamous pipes organ plug-in...

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