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Arrange/Enviroment Question


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Hey All,


I was recording last night and noticed the level in a previously recorded guitar part was not visible in the channel strip assigned to it. I can hear it, solo it etc, all the automation is working but I just cannot see the level. All the other tracks I've recorded are fine. I tried A/B'ing another track to see if something had been changed or clicked on or off but could not find any differences. All the tracks have been frozen. This morning I tried unfreezing the one track and was able to see the level like all the others. That was encouraging. When I re-froze the track it reverted back to no visual. It is the same situation in the Arrange and Enviroment windows


Is there some solution to this?


I'm using a Powerbook G4, Logic 7.1.1, MOTU Traveler with software updates,

and a LaCie 250 Gb External Drive.






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