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Suggested workflow for conforming varying-tempo live audio


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Many moons ago audio production for me meant a Fostex A80 8 track tape machine. By a stroke of luck I managed to get a loan of the very same machine used 9 years ago and have captured my old archived reels into Logic, with lofty goals of revisiting old mixes, fixing all the mistakes and sonic limitations of a small analogue studio with no automation (how could we live without it now?) and also do the kind of arrangement editing that just wasn't possible back then.


Anyway, to the point... nothing's been done to a click track (bad, I know, but we didn't have the facility nor could we spare the track when tracking full bands) and unsurprisingly some of the performances drift a bit in timing. I really want to tear these tracks apart and rearrange them using the better played riffs and sections, so obviously getting the tracks aligned up with the timeline is important so I can safely chop and loop parts on the beat.


Question is: what's the best way to go about it? I know the process in ProTools (Beat Detect to set a tempo map, break apart the regions on transients then conform the lot to the new tempo) but I have no idea where to start in Logic. I really would like to conform the tracks to a set tempo rather than try to work with a continuously varying tempo map... the tracks are metal so that "loose feel" is a hindrence rather than an asset!


Thanks in advance! Cheers....

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You can try that as well.. you have a couple of 'Adjust Region length' functions in the Arrange window's local Audio menu. You first select the Time machine algorithm (same menu).


Before using those functions, select the Region you want to timestretch and draw a cycle in the Bar ruler of the length you want the Region to be.


If you'd rather work with tempos (as in your example, compressing a 106 bpm region into a 109 bpm one, double click the region to open it in the sample editor and use the Factory > Time & Pitch Machine.

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