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Automation with Reason rewired


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OK, so I'm confused as to why I can see what appears to be a load of unrelated crap (!) in the automation list when attempting to edit automation of a Reason instrument in Logic.


In Cubase, if I edited automation on say, a Subtractor, I would get a contextual list of automation parameters ie mod wheel etc.


In Logic, I get a massive list of MIDI 63 etc and some parameters but not obviously relating to the instrument itself!


So does anyone know why this is? Am I doing something wrong? It took me about 3 hours to work out how to rewire Reason with Logic in the first place and I still don't undertstand why it all seems to relate to the mystical channel that is Bus 6 - why that channel?!


Perhaps I should of just got Reaktor 5 instead...oh wait, not universal yet! Aaaaghrgh!


In another totally unrelated and quite cheeky part to this post, check my band's new songs out please when you can. They can be found here:




Hope someone can help me!

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