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Logic quits during startup


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I have a serious problem for past few days. 90% of times when I try to open Logic the window with Logic logo opens and it says that itis Setting Up Memory buffers and after 2-3 seconds it closes and logic does not open. This happens either I click on the project icon opr on the "main" icon in Applications folder.

I did not change a thing (no new plugins for more than month - tahat was the UAD-card...), no new drivers, etc. I am using Logic everyday and my DualG5 is used only for music.

This was happening when I was on 10.4.5 and Logic 7.1.1


I reinstalled the system yesterday and made a fresh OSX installation including fresh installation of plugins, Logic etc... It seemed to be OK first but after a few hours of use it's happening again.


I use WD Raptor HD for OSX (the "upper bay"), another WD Raptor HD for audio (Lower bay).

Than I have a PCI-X SATA card from Firmtek and 3 more Hard Drives are connected to it (Samples and Data storage)-they are not inside G5....


I dunno, can this be caused by really hot weather theese days in my area? I mean seriously-WD Raptors are known for producing a lot of heat and I have two of them inside the machine.

Really unpleasant situation. Clients are waiting for mixes and I can not work :(


If anybody has an idea please let me know.

Thank you.

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Hi David. Yes I did. Logic quits 90% of times before the dialogue box with the question : Start without core audio (or similar) appears. If it comes to that point than it opens and runs. But that is the same as if I did not hold the ctrl. It is probably not my audio I/O related. The fact is, that the "dissapear" happens really quickly, after 2-3 seconds I click on icon to open Logic. And all I can see always in the "startup" Logic window (the one that appears right after you double click on Logic icon) is the information : Setting up Memory buffers. and than nothing, a big n-o-t-h-i-n-g :)


So it probably has to do something with setting up memory buffers or with the process that comes after "Setting up Memory buffers" during loading of Logic.


I did all tests with Tech Tool Pro. All passed. And again- I did totally fresh installation of OS X, Logic, plugins, drivers..


I am really confused. Maybe bad memory module? But Tech Tool pro tested it...

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