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optimize G4 for Logic Pro 7


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Just wondering how I could squeeze out some more processing power on the good old G4

system specs: [867 dual processor G4-mirror door drive edition, 1.75 gigs of RAM, OS 10.4.7, Logic Pro 7.2.1, motu 828 MK II ]


This is what i've done so far to conserve much need CPU resources;


- turned monitor colors from millions down to thousands

- turned off instrument icons

- turned off anti-aliasing for logic menus/text

- increased/decreasesed audio buffer depending if i'm doing a mix-down or recording

- updated all relevant drivers and AU's

- using utilities such as COCKTAIL to optimize, repair disc permissions, etc..etc...

- turned off desk-top background (using a solid color background: i.e. blue)

- turned off energy-saver options

- turned off screen-savers

- kept only my most used widgets active (running 5 widgets currently)

- turned off all dock effects

- turned off file-sharing (computer is not part of a network, stand-alone machine)

- audio-interface settings have been optimized


Not sure if there is much more I can do besides purchase a new G5, but with Logic Pro 7 and the new soft-instruments such as Sculpture, my system seems to run slower then it did with Logic Pro 6 under OS 9.2.2


There is at least a few seconds delay when switching between screen-sets, and i'm having to freeze tracks sooner into my sessions then I ever have before.


Any suggestions ???


Thanks in advance to any replys, your input is appreciated. :wink:

MacBook Pro 2.33 Ghz intel core 2 duo / 2 GB RAM / 120 internal HD / 250 GB external HD 7200 RPM / 500 GB external HD 7200 RPM / Logic Studio & Logic Pro 9 / Motu 828 Mk II / OS X 10.6.1
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- turned off desk-top background (using a solid color background: i.e. blue)

when i got my first mac (and downloaded some *ahem*photos*ahem* from the internet) i thought it was pretty cool to set them to rotate on my background every 5 seconds. and it was, but trust me, that is a REAL performance killer. the computer is constantly reading the disk to find the next image which destroys I/O performance. unless you're really low on memory I don't see turning off backgrounds completely as having an effect, but definitely don't have it cycling them whilst you work.

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I agree that the dashboard eats up a ton of processing power. You made mention that you are running 5 widgets which is far too many on your particular setup in my opinion. This is, of course, also dependent upon which widgets you are running. On my 1st Gen black Macbook (1GB RAM) I rarely have more than 2 running and with my G5 Quad (8GB RAM) I hardly ever use more than 4 or 5 due simply to the fact that the initial dock launch time (not every time the dock opens) seems to be way too slow to me (3-5 seconds). My advice is to either kill the dock completely as suggested above or run no more than 2 or 3 widgets and be sure that they are low drain apps.

Quad G5 - 8 GB RAM

Apple Certified Pro

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DASHBOARD kills alot of cpu. turn it off completely. to do so download WidgetKiller at the apple website. heres the link http://www.apple.com/downloads/macosx/automator/widgetkiller.html Its an "automater action"

good luck with that. i turn off the widgets before im about to run logic and it noticeably helps....


good luck,



Thanks for this.

Composer, Logic Pro X Certified Trainer - Author of "Jumpstart Logic Pro X 10.6 ", Going Pro with Logic Pro 9" & "Scoring with Logic Pro" - http://www.jayasher.com - Mac Studio Max w/ Monterey OS 12.0.1

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