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6 Free EXS24 Drumkits

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Yo dudes


I've gotten lots of free stuff from Logic Pro Help in the past and i'm finally giving back. Here's a link to download 6 of MY free EXS24 drumkits:




Let me know what you guys think by posting a comment at downloadmydrums.com, replying here, or whatever......hopefully you guys can get alot of use out of these!




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I have never d/l and put any new instruments on the esx24 and I wanna make sure i have done this right.....i have put the SAMPLER INSTRUMENTS folder in LIBRARY > APP SUPPORT > LOGIC > SAMPLER INSTRUMENTS > 03 DRUMS & PRECUS...and the wave files folders into LIBRARY > APP SUPPORT > ESX FActory samples > 03 DRUM & PERCUS >02 ELECT DRUM KITS



all seems to be working fine in the exs24 i was just making sure this was the correct location so next time i wanna download kits for esx or even ultrabeat i was on the right path



24in Imac , 10.10.5

3.06 GHz , 4gb , 1 tb ext

logic pro X 10.2

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