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Assign MIDI controllers

David Nahmani

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I use Yamaha 01V96 as remote for LAP7.1! If I hit LEARN 01V96 somehow forcing my other C1 and C2 control faders on Roland XP50. Looks like Yamaha constantly sending MIDI infos to Logic therefor no other controllers can be assigned while 01V96 connected to LAP7.1! Is there a way to resolve this issue?


thanks for advice in advance

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Hi David, thanks for the tip. Worked wonders. I'd been looking at that window for hours.


One question though, anyone have any tips for setting things up to quickly skip through different setups. Say one made to control faders on the arrange page and one just for EXS24.


Do I have to make a group? Can I change things from my controller??


Thanks in advance for your help.




Powerbook 1.33GHz 512Mb

Evolution MK-449C

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Hello David

I posted the original message about how to controll plugins with an external controller. As I told you it worked out perfectly. The only struggle I still have is following: I made my arturiamoog work over my external cs1x synth. But it works only for that song and that track. What I want to do is configure my logic so that whenever I open a moog it always works like that..

What do I do? Thanks...

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I'm not in front of Logic to try this, but isn't there some form of Copy/Paste, Load/Save or Import/Export functionality within the Controller Assignments???


If so, you could have two songs open and perhaps open the Controller Assignments window for both songs and get 'em across somehow. I seem to remember that you can do something to get Controller Assignments into another song... I may just be mistaken.


Will try later.

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Hi David,

On the topic of Copy / Paste within the controller assignment window (expert view) I am able to Cut / Copy assignments but unable to paste them.


I am trying to set up separate control zones for a PC1000 and Motif 8 to add to the Logic Control zones. I am able to add new zones and modes and blank assignments within those zones by clicking the "+" button at the bottom of each column but am unable to edit the destination parameter for these blank assignments even though I can edit everything else either directly or by pull-down menu. Even though I select one of these assignments when I select the learn function a new assignment is created in the "(No Zone)" not in the zone I want. I thought I might Cut the created assignment out of the '(No Zone) and paste it into a new zone as a work around but the paste does not seem to function.


I have a pretty good handle on the control surface parameters and structure and can see great potential to get what I need but I am stymied. Any ideas?

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Hi guys, thanks for the suggestions.


David, I'm not sure if thats gona work. Logic is treating the controller asssignment as a global setting and I'm not able to use different settings for different song templates. Anyway, tyhis wouldn't give much scope for using different controls within one song.


sayr777, i've had a ganders (translation = look) at that window and you cant copy/paste from it. I'm not sure how Danielmusic managed to copy because there is no button for it and you cant control click.


I have an m-audio keyboard and as you may/may not be aware they are pretty good for personalising your settings and switching between patches. Yet despite being class compliant, the learn mode is the only way i have so far managed to get Logic to 'speak' with the controllers. If there were another way then I could switch setting from my keyboard.


I may be english but don't give up on me. i really appreciate the help.


p.s. this is a way friendlier site than the apple logic discussion board. they scare me!

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Liam, I found a workaround to the cut / copy / paste issue, it's weird but it works. First learn the parameter assignments as previously described. They end up in the (No Zone). Then by using the "+" buttons at the bottom insert a new Zone ( select (No Zone) first if you want the zone at the end of the list ) , add a new Mode if you want other than (No Mode) and add a "blank" assignment. This assignment is necessary for this process to work.


Now for the weird part. In oder to get the cut / copy / paste functions to work I found that if you open the audio window then go back to the controller assignment window both the Edit menu and Control X, C, V work, don't ask me why it just works.


Now you can cut the assignments from the (No Zone), select the Zone, Mode and "blank" assignment where you want the new assignment to be and paste it in. Once you have a new assignment pasted you can delete the "blank" assignment.


As to you question about different setups that's what the modes are for with the exception of the (No Mode) which is for what is called modeless assignments, assignments that are always active but belong to the Zone that the (No Mode) resides in. As the manual describes think of a Zone as a group of controls, it could be 8 faders or all the contollers on a master synth. You could also think of it as a panel of controllers. I plan on having one Zone dedicated to my Peavey PC1600 and another dedicated to my Motif.


You can think of Modes as pages and this is what you are after. Each Mode within a Zone can have a set group of controllers assigned to completely different parameters. Only one Mode is active in a Zone at any one time (not including the (No Mode) ). So in one Mode this group of controllers could control faders in the Arrange window in the next Mode this same group of controllers could control parameters on the EXS24. I've seen posts where users want to have completely different setups for each song. All one has to do is setup a Mode (or a number of Modes) for each song and label it the title of the song.


You can switch between these Modes by selecting them in the Controller Assignment window. Alternatively you can assign a contoller to select Modes by adding a "blank" assignment to the (No Mode) of a Zone (making it a modeless assignment) and setting it to the Class " Mode Change". Depending on the type of control you choose you can directly select or scroll through Modes > See page 674 of the manual. The Value Mode determines the method in which the Modes are selected. ( Personally I think the usage of the term Mode rather abiguous and confusing. I think a Controller Mode should be a Page and a Value Mode should be a Function. While I'm at it A Zone should be a Panel)


One more thing to keep in mind. There is another way ( although more specific) to vary a controller assignment. If you are working with mixer tracks / channels check out the Current Mode Fader Bank parammeter in the "Control Surface Group" class. To see how this works go to the Bank Right / Left assignment of the "Tracks" Zone - (No Mode)


I know this has been long winded but I hope it helps.

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A few more pointers.


1. DO NOT hit ENTER or Return after typing an entry (titles etc.) When I did Control assignments were corrupted and my Logic Control locked up. Just mouse click on a different selection to end the entry. If things do get corrupted use the Rebuild Defaults in Preferences>Control surfaces. Creating backups of the file com.apple.logic.pro.cs is a good idea.


2. When pasting assignments into Modes other than (No Mode) for some reason the Mode you want to paste into must be the last in the Mode column. To move a Mode to the end Cut the Mode you want, select (No Mode) and paste the Mode back in. It will now be last in the list.


3. There is a hidden MIDI Monitor window in Logic. It is very useful for seeing what is happening with MIDI controllers. One can access it by assigning a key ( or MIDI Control) to the Open MIDI Monitor command in the Key Command window under the Global Control Surfaces Commands section. When I use this monitor I make it less confusing by switching off Time Stamps in the View selector.

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All one has to do is setup a Mode (or a number of Modes) for each song and label it the title of the song.


You can switch between these Modes by selecting them in the Controller Assignment window.


Hi Daniel, and thanks a lot for all this information.


I have tried following exactly what you said, however, I can't switch between modes.


I have it setup really simple now: I have:


(No Zone)

Zone 1


and in Zone 1 I have

(No Mode)

Song 1

Song 2


In Song 1, the mod wheel is assigned to a Delay's mix fader.

In Song 2, the mod wheel is assigned to a Track's Volume fader.


However, whatever mode I select, when I move the mod wheel, it jumps to the Mode "Song 1" and controls the Delay's mix fader. I don't know how to make it switch to "Song 2" and control my track's volume fader.


Any ideas? Thanks!

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PS: the 2nd method (assigning a controller to the "Mode Change" class) works just fine!


I don't know why I can't just select the Modes by clicking on them with my mouse....: it highlights them but the black arrow in front of the active mode doesn't move.

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Hi Daniel, thanks for all the info. I had a feeling on the uses of Zones and Modes but wasn't sure 'til now so nice one.


However, and there always is a 'however', no matter what I do, I cant paste asssignments into the new mode I created. I also cant learn new assignments into the new mode. As soon as I click 'learn' the blank assignment goes into (No Zone>No Mode.


Sound like a bug maybe? I tried Rebuilding Defaults to get round the problem. Also tried your trick with the Audio Window (could copy, couldn't paste).


Sounds I little bit like LoFi's problem if I understand correctly.

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liammorley85, new assignements are thrown into the No Zone, No Mode folder. You have to cut and paste them into the desired Mode/Zone.


Now I agree that Cut & Paste in the Controller Assignement window is hit and miss. I suggest you quit Logic and restart it, and try again. The "Audio Window" trick is a good one, it usually works: open the Audio Window, click on it to have it appear in front of your Controller Assignement window and then close it. See if that does the trick.

My new Logic Pro Book is out!

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Hi Lofi, It seems that all of this is a bit hit and miss. When I first created a simple setup with 2 Modes and one assignment in one of the modes the controller functioned in both modes which it shouldn't do. When I closed the Controller Assignment window the opened it again things worked properly. Sometimes rebooting Logic sets things straight as well. As far as the problem selecting modes by clicking on them, try doing the same thing in the V-Pot Zone the Logic Control Zones. If the arrow does't follow the Mode you select the assignments may be corrupted and you should Rebuild Defaults and start again. Other than that can"t help you, so far the setup I am building works fine selecting Modes both by selecting them and using a Change Mode assignment.


Hi Liam, I think it's a little archaic but as David says you can only "learn" assignments into the No Zone ( even the incomplete beta version of SoundDiver allows one to learn assignments directly into a Mode). When I open the Audio window I leave it open an go directly to the Contoller Assignment window next to do any cut and paste operations. As I mentioned before, and I think this might be your problem with pasting, in order to paste an assignment you need at least one assignment in the Mode and it needs to be selected before you paste. If the Mode is empty add a "blank" one and select it before you paste. Once you have pasted then you can delete the "blank".


Having said all that the Controller Assignments seems a bit iffy and Apple should direct some resources to improving the operation of this very powerful Logic tool.

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Hi all,


The help you've all given certainly did the trick and I think I've got it nailed. Setup a few different modes now so thanks.


Seems bizarre though that Apple have missed out such a basic function. Being able to asssign controls to a mode by copy/paste only. And only being able to do that after a little esoteric trick with an unrelated window.


Ah well... At least I know how to get round it now. :)

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Thanks for the assignment tip. I have a couple extra questions:

Aren't Logic's synths hardwired to begin with? I would like to just use #7 for volume, universally, without having to assign it every time I open a synth....

I am also curious, how can I omit the track faders from reacting to control change? I want to be able to automate them when I am mixing, but I have no interest in doing that via midi. I'll just use the mouse.



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Hi Levon,

For a universal volume control to change the volume of whatever synth you are currently have selected I would use the previously described 'learn' method and leave Track options on the right of the window set to Selected.


I think if you go to controller assignments and select Scaled under Value > Mode, this means that the set fader value won't change until you go past it on your controller. You may want to try switching to a blank mode in order to set your faders how you want them without it affecting anything (altough some keyboards such as many by M-Audio have a controller mute button for this).


As for the stutter effect, depending on what synth it is you should just be able to set an LFO to control it. Or otherwise use a termolo effect. Not sure on the tremolo but you may be able to then control the speed, depth etc... of the stutter using your midi controller.


I don't know if any of this helps, but hey, I thought I'd have a crack.



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Hi Lofi, It seems that all of this is a bit hit and miss. When I first created a simple setup with 2 Modes and one assignment in one of the modes the controller functioned in both modes which it shouldn't do. When I closed the Controller Assignment window the opened it again things worked properly. Sometimes rebooting Logic sets things straight as well. As far as the problem selecting modes by clicking on them, try doing the same thing in the V-Pot Zone the Logic Control Zones.


Daniel, thanks a lot for your help. I have learned so much from this forum and from this thread. I am not sure what you mean by V-Pot zones, though, as I don't yet own a Logic Control. I was just assigning the knobs and wheels on my Controller Keyboard.

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Logic Pro 7 makes it very easy to use your MIDI controller's wheels and knobs to control your Logic mixer and plug-ins interface. Here's a quick guide:


1• Hit Command+L*
(L as in Learn) - The Controller Assignment window opens. Uncheck "Expert View" if necessary and move that window out of the way (don't even worry about it).

2• Click on the fader or knob you want to control.

3• Move the knob on your MIDI controller
(for better results have the knob on zero before you start, and then move the knob slowly from zero to max and back down to zero).

(you can repeat steps 2 and 3 for as many knobs as you want)

4• Hit Command+L
(and close the Controller Assignement window).


You're done.


* If Command+L is not assigned you can assign it (or any other key combination) yourself in your key command window: search for the key command "Learn new Controller Assignment".


And if you want to cancel all the midi assignments created by COMMAND+L function, how do you do that?


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Hope this thread is still alive..

somebody know if Logic has any function allowing to "thin the automation data" as PT does ?

Like manys I move the softsynth filters alot, that gives and enormous amount of breakpoints, and the system slows down dramatically.....

Anybody ?


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i attempted to figure out how to map my midi controllers in Logic 6 a few months ago, then gave up out of frustration. now i'm back. David, you gave me some great info at that time, but i'm still running into problems. for example, in my environment, all of the volume faders are mapped to cc7, yet my controller (m-audio uc-33e) only moves one of them. no matter how i set the midi channel info, this doesn't change. i've had similar problems in the past with this, and with a mini controller fader moving multiple objects in Logic.


any help would be great. thank you.

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I am able to MIDI map my Evolution UC-33's knobs, sliders and buttons to Logic and Logic supports my M-Audio Oxygen8 Controller, but Logic doesn't support my M-Audio Ozonic Audio/MIDI Interface.


Logic also won't MIDI Learn from my Nord Lead (via MOTU Fastlane USB MIDI).


On both the Ozonic and the Nord Lead, when I have "Learn Assignment" ON, it registers as LEARNED when I touch a controller (knob or slider) on either keyboard, but after I turn off "Learn Assignment", it doesn't do anything.


I know how to do it and like I said, it works on some MIDI Controllers and not others.


I tried turning off "Pickup Mode" (like Vankarius said) and that didn't seem to change anything so I put it back ON to be safe.


Any advice?


good to know there's someone out there with exactly the same problem. my Oxygen 8 works fine and learns and assigns to whatever knob or fader i need.


but like 777, my ozonic will show that the assign is learned and even show all signs of midi transmitting with absolutely no movement of the parameter in Logic. I got it to work once with a lot of trial and error but have since but unsuccessul.


also, basic assignment of transport controls has eluded me as well, seems like one thing that should be normalled and just plug and play.


any help is greatly appriciated.




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This simply does not work for me. I tried the four steps, I am able to bind MIDI controller data to any paramater, but upon twisting assigned knobs Logic does not respond at all. Logic's MIDI monitor shows data coming in, but nothing happens.


I have tried this with a BCR2000, Korg PadKontrol, and Alesis PhotonX25.

Logic Pro 7.1

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