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Assign MIDI controllers

David Nahmani

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I've been watching this thread for months, and I think I've read all of it from the start. Although I've learn many useful things, and conducted a number of experiments that were semi-successful, I'm struggling to see the big picture here. I'd be grateful if anyone could explain this to me:


1) My understanding is that the hierarchy within the Controller Assignments is Zone/Mode(s)/ individual parameters and that a Zone could comprise, say, only the faders on two separate controllers. But I don't understand how, having created a Zone you 'tell it' what should be included! I've read a lot of Apple literature on this, and they always seem to gloss over that bit.


2) I'm trying to set things up so I have a Zone called plug-ins, then individual Modes called 'Linear Phase EQ, Channel EQ etc. Is that how it should be structured, or am I missing the point?


3) Apple mentions that a Zone can have other Zones nested within in it. Any pointers as to how I make that happen?


I'm grateful for any help.

Hi Simon,


While there can never be a guarantee that your questions will be answered, to increase your chances of getting your questions viewed (and potentially answered) I recommend you create individual topics for each one of those questions, and post as new topics in the Logic Pro forum. Good luck!

My new Logic Pro Book is out!

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