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"Cutthroat" - Short Cinematic Cue


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That's a great bit.


My only issue is this - And it has nothing to do with your composition or sonic choices here - This is just my opinion...


I see SO many indie shorts and features with soundtracks that sound like they are done with all out of the box synth voicings to simulate an orchestra. And I understand why it happens. Typically it's cost related. However, I have found many musicians that will sit in and record a section for you just for a credit in the film. A cello player or horn or whatever - And that tends to lend an air or professionalism to the production that you just cannot get with synth / sampler voicings.


Just my .02 - And again - VERY nice piece.

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Thanks Nick & bscenefilms!


Nick, it's all MIDI using EWQL, Xtreme FX's, and Logic samples. I do play every part in "real" time rather than program the music.


Bscenefilms, yes money is an issue, but not the only issue.


When I get notices from companies for music, it's usually wanted within 24 hours. By the time I'd book a studio and rehearse the musicians, a 3-4 week period would pass. I can get the job done by myself in several hours.


I rarely do "stand-alone" orchestral tracks anyway. I most often add FX's and other non-orchestra sounds. It seems to be the direction or many of today's films.


I do realize work is becoming more scarce for "live" musicians. Many jobs in all fields have been lost due to the computer and Internet age. It seems everything has to be done in a hurry these days (except getting paid for our work).


Best, John 8)

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