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How do i rout a reason beat into logic to record it there


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If you search the Logic manual for 'rewire' then there is a very good section entitled "Working with ReWire applications" on setting up and using ReWire applications from within Logic, including a specific example of accessing Reason devices.




[Edit] - To save you some time


First open Logic, then open Reason and load the rack you want to record from. Then, from within Logic:

Select an External MIDI track in the Arrange area.


Double-click the ReWire application name in the Library tab (Reason, for example).


The ReWire application opens, and a list of all available ReWire instruments appears in the Library.


Click an instrument track in the Library.


To manually set up an aux channel strip for ReWire use

Click the Mixer button at the bottom of the Arrange window.


Choose Options > Create New Auxiliary Channel Strips in the Mixer’s local menu bar.


Create as many aux channel strips as required, with the appropriate Format, Input, and Output settings. For this example, create a stereo channel strip, routed to Input/Outputs 1–2.


Choose the ReWire channel in the Input menu of the aux channel strip.


Individual RW Channel entries are available in the Channel menu. These can be assigned individually, to allow each ReWire channel to be routed to a particular aux channel strip in the Logic Pro Mixer. This provides extended mixing and processing options.


To record the audio as an audio track in Logic, assign the output of the aux channel strip receiving the Reason audio to a spare bus. Then create a new audio track and specify the bus you just used as it's input. I just tried it (for the first time - all my stuff is brand new, as I've just upgraded from a 24 track hardware setup) and it works great :)



Mac Pro, dual quad core 2.26 Xeon Nehalems, Logic Pro 9, Reason 4.0, Apogee Duet, TC Finalizer 96k, Alesis Masterlink

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