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Backing up custom data


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Hello everyone,


After reading about the L9 bug where custom EXS samples are becoming corrupted, I'm FINALLY doing what I should have done long ago; creating a dedicated backup system for my custom logic data. Now there seems to be many "hidden" paths where custom data can be stored, and just wanted to verify here that I got them all. Here is what I'm backing up.


1. Logic Projects (obviously)


2. Logic preferences

HD ->Users -> Library-> Preferences ->




3. Logic Application Support for custom Channel strips, presets, key commands, etc

HD -> Library -> Application Support -> Logic

HD -> user -> Library -> Application Support -> Logic


4. 3rd Party Instrument/Effects Presets

HD-> user -> Library -> Audio -> presets


5. Custom Sample library (when I actually edit or create my own samples)



Any other vital data I should be backing up? Thanks in advance for your help and reply.

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