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Logic 9 Express-has Space Designer etc?


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I want to invest in Logic as I have used it a fair bit, but have no need for any of the ancilliary content such as Mainstage, Soundtrack, all the Apple Loops stuff etc, so if Express has the full features of the actual sequencer part of the package then I'd be happier to go with it. Are there any key plugins that people can without doubt verify are NOT a part of Express 9? Or any other notable limitations? It's a bit frustrating trying to find out solid info on this since the new versions have come out. The Apple site is just generalisations and other write-ups seem to be making assumptions based on how things were in Logic 8.


I have seen people talk about Space Designer as a reason to buy full Logic 9 Pro, as opposed to Logic 9 Express which doesn't have it. However, on the main Apple page for Express (http://www.apple.com/uk/logicexpress/whats-new.html) under 'New Features' it explicitly mentions 'Warped Effects for Space Designer' under production tools, implying that Space Designer IS a part of Express. Could somebody please verify whether Express does indeed come with Space Designer or not?


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