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Dark regions

adrian aurelio

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first of all - great site! everytime I come here I learn something new, interesting and not trivial. thanks everyone for sharing yoru knowledges.


Today I encountered a really wired prob workin on logic and I d like to have your help.


This morning I started working on a track. I ve been on it the whole day and my ears got used to it. anyway now I listened to the result, and I noticed that there is a suddenly an increase of volume and high frequencies.

after bar 80, suddenly the all the regions became louder


- so i started checking what caused this. but there is no automation or effect that may cause it.


Then I noticed, that looking at the regions in automation view, the "quiter" regions are coloured a bit darker than those that are louder. (those after bar 80)


(darker is the transparent part of the region , in automation view)


I am sure the answer to this is really trivial, still i havent fixed it.


tks for your help and apologize for my english

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