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how do i kill the embedded audio in a quicktime? [SOLVED]

Stayboy Stereo

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Hey guys & gals -

I'm working with a quicktime that has a prior version of my score on it.

If i export audio to video (AAC) I still hear the previous version when i export. If I import the audio from the video, then mute the track & export, the same thing happens-i still hear the other version upon export.


As a workaround on other projects i've had to go to Live & import the video, which has the audio that i CAN mute, then bring in my bounced track from Logic & export from there.

I really don't want to keep doing that. surely LP8 can do that? SURELY this is just a problem between the chair & the keyboard...



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Yup, what David said.


If you want another hardcore way to do this, open the movie in QTPro. Hit CMD-J and look at your audio tracks. De-select (or delete) the ones you don't want and re-save the movie (you can save it as a reference movie if you want, also called a "proxy", to save HD space. And of course, save it under a new name). Open that movie in Logic, replacing the one you had there previously, and you'll be good to go.

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I can deselect my video's original audio in the export dialogue box, but I'm not getting any of my new audio tracks as options...so I can't choose them in the dialoque box, so my video ends up silent...help!


Dan, can you please continue this discussion in your original thread rather than this one? Thanks!



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