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mp3 importing error ".aif is empty"


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When I try and import an mp3 made on a Zoom H4N, Logic Pro goes through the "converting" process and then at the end I receive the message "**** .aif is empty" [The ****being the name of the file. Any ideas?




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Here it is, 4 1/2 years later, and it's still a problem. I tried to bring a 5.5-hour file into Logic and GarageBand, and got the "empty" alert. After several failed work-arounds, I opened the file (easily) in Spin Doctor, an adjunct to Toast. In this case, all I needed to do was eliminate the final 3 hours of dead air. I placed the cursor (I know that's not the right word) where I wanted the cut. In the "Action" button, I selected "make track." You should now have "untitled track 1" in the bottom section of the main window. Make sure the "active" button is checked.


At this point, I tried "send to iTunes," but that failed. Instead, what worked was "save active tracks."


If your aim is not to shorten one track, but use the whole thing, you can do the above, then start over, using the "track time and size" field, allowing yourself to choose a start time for the track that's where the previously-saved track ended.

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