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Logic Pro 7, 8 & 9 on the same Mac


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Hi there,


I wanted to use Logic 7 on my MacPro so I can open old Logic 4 sessions, and then use those sessions to be opend in 8 or 9.


Now as Iw as installing Logic Pro 7, Logic Pro 8 dissapeard from my aplication folder !!!

Logic Pro 9 is still there, but 8 is gone !!!


I don't want to install 8 again because I'm afraid 9 will dissapear too !


Does enyone have experience or a suggestion for me?


Kind regards,



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The main reason this happened (as someone told you on the same thread you posted over on Gearslutz) is that you installed version 7 after installing version 8, and they both install with the same default filename - which caused the version 7 "Logic Pro" to overwrite the version 9 "Logic Pro".


If you go in version order (7, then 8, then 9) the new installer renames the older version for you, adding a number to the .app of the previous installation.

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