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Creating Folder Without Hassle


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I'm finding creating folders for my vocals a bit time consuming and I wondered if anybody knows a quicker way of doing this....Basically, a few days into my project and I want to put my vocal bits into their own folder...I create a folder track - select pack folder and then drag all the vocal bits into the folder....all works fine. The problem is inside the vox folder as well as the vocal bits I've dragged , I have a zillion empty tracks which I have to delete one by one - I'm sure there must be an easier way to do this. Does anybody know either how to create a folder without all the extra empty tracks or an easy way to do multiple deleting?


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Select the regions that you want to pack into a folder *first*, then use the Region:Folder:Pack Folder function.


With *no* regions selected, a folder track/region is created containing ALL the tracks in your project (as you have discovered).






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