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"C4" key either making no sound, or sustaining too

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Hey everyone, I have a pretty old keyboard (Yamaha PSR-270) but it's never given me any troubles as a midi controller, until now.


On the "C4" key, sometimes I can play it just fine in Logic. Other times, the Logic toolbar will recognize that I'm hitting the key because it will say "C4 OFF" as I'm hitting it, but of course no sound.


Then, I might hit it several times and eventually, it will make a sound, but often it will keep sustaining until I hit it again to "turn the note off".


So basically, half the time it works, a quarter of the time it makes no sound, and the other quarter of the time, it sustains indefinitely.


Recently I did some keyboard shortcut by mistake that had something to do with control surface key commands. I don't know if I mistakenly hit a button regarding my C key in that window or not. I don't really know how that works.


Now when I play the keyboard stand-alone, the C key sounds fine and plays normally out of the keyboard's internal speakers.


Does this sound like a logic issue to you, or do you think my keyboard is just on the fritz?


I appreciate any feedback.

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