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Logic express only plays 1 audio track,cant play more than 1


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I am trying to import multiple audio tracks using 2 audio tracks in logic express. For ex. Audio 1 and Audio 2. Audio 1 plays fine and I can import audio with no problem. Audio 2, Audio 3 etc is playing back Audio 1. Why is it doing that? I want each track to be independent and play its own track? Please Help, Im trying so hard to figure this out! I went to the environment page to make sure each audio channel is different and they are. Audio 1 is on channel 1 and audio 2 is on channel 2, but still I only can hear Audio 1 when playing the other audio tracks. I even muted Audio 1 and still heard it through Audio 2. I just want to hear each track independently and by themselves. Why is only Audio 1 playing, I want all of them to play. Please help? Am I doing something wrong?
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I wish it was that simple.


Maybe this will help, I've been messing around with it for awhile now and I figured something out.


I can make a new track (audio 1) for say a kick drum. Then make (audio 2) for a snare and the kick drum gets louder. It's playing audio 1 twice. I have found out while making the new track for the snare if I make two tracks at once(audio 2 and audio 3) I can use audio 3 but not audio 2. Also it only works if I make the tracks at the same time.


It works the same if I keep going too. With audio 4 and 5 and so on.


I hope this makes sense and someone knows what to do.



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