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moving MIDI regions


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I have a song with a short MIDI electric piano introduction. I want to create a break between the introduction and the body of the song, so I selected all regions and then deselected the intro, which is in its own region. (It's actually in two regions on seperate two tracks, but I don't think that makes any difference for what I'm trying to do. Let me know if I'm wrong.)


So, with the body of the song selected, I move it forward in the time line. The intro plays, but now the first few keyboard notes in the body of the song don't play. I imagine this has to do with the message I get when splitting MIDI files (overlapping notes/shorten?/keep? ...all that). Maybe it's time I learned what that message is all about? ;)


Anyway, can someone explain what I should do to create that break of silence in front of ny song?


Thank you,



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If you want to cut on proper barlines, you first have to make sure your notes are where they actually belong. If you want to cut at and there are early played notes sounding from and, then those notes will geit either shortened or split by the cut operation. You supposedly chose the first option and thus the longer part of them is lost. If you actually wanted to come in that early, then you need to take the whole region and move it with the rest of the selection.


Generally it is a good idea to quantize prior to cutting and moving chunks around.



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