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Need to convert Sonar 1.3 files to Logic Pro 8


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I have many Sonar 1.3 files (midi and audio tracks). I want to port them all over to my iMac/Leopard/Logic Studio. Not as mixed wav files but all of the individual tracks. I want to be able to edit, alter them in Logic Studio.


Does anyone know a converter program or easy way to do this besides manually copying and pasting each track? (I can't imagine syncing up the audio and midi tracks successfully.)


Thanks much,


Charlie jazzhorn@gmail.com

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Does Sonar have OMF export? If it does, there's one not very reliable option.

If not I doubt that there's any converter app out there.

Manually shouldn't be so hard and much more reliable:

Export all audio tracks from the starting point of song so to create stems.

Or like I did with Cubase, merged all audio regions per track and exported that.

Make sure everything is aligned to a tempo grid and merge all midi files to create one per track and export those as midi files.

If you have tempo changes, make sure you write that down.

In Logic import everything and have it start from 1 1 1 1, set the correct tempo and you're good to go.

That's how you do it between ProTools and Logic: Stems.

I had 10 songs like that in Cubase with audio and midi. Worked perfectly.

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