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environment for a stem recordings setup?


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In L7.2, L8 (and L9 which I'm not interested in at this point), is there an environment setup that would allow to record (not bounce, as I would need to record several tracks at once into one stereo stem and bouncing only allows for one stereo or mono track to be bounced at a time) ?


I would be very grateful for some wisdom on the subject.

Thanks in advance.

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If I understand your question....


1. Output your to-be-stemmed channels to a bus. You can have a separate bus for each stem group.


When you output to a bus, an aux channel is created with that bus as the input.


2. Set the output of the aux channel to "No Output"


3. Create a new audio track to record your stem.


4. Change the input to that audio track's channel to the same bus that you've selected above.


5. Record arm the new audio track (channel) and RECORD your stem



You can do this for all of your stems and record them ALL at the same time.






Steve H

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