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joining audio regions to even bars


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This has to be an easy one.


How can I merge these audio regions so they form a 2 bar loop. Currently if I merge or bounce it ends at the end of the last smaller region, which isn't an even 2 bars... you can see the bar marker on the right of it. Do I actually have to do a file->bounce to do this?


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If you actually want to merge the regions, without bouncing in place:


1. Copy any audio region so that it straddles the bar line.

2. Trim the region to the right of the bar line with the Marquee Tool and Delete key.

3. Select the remainder of the region and create new audio file (Opt-Cmd-F).

4. Open in the Sample Editor and convert to silence (from the Functions Menu).

5. Select your regions and Merge.


It may seem like a lot of steps, but it's actually a really quick process.



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If I need a 2 bar loop, I will copy the sequence for 4 or more bars, use the glue function or bounce in place, and then use the scissors or marquee to trim it to 2 bars. Takes 2 seconds more - but I am with you - I would love if I could use the glue tool to merge regions to the length of the locators
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