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Open .exs file


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Hi everyone !


Maybe it's a stupid question but I hope you'll be kind :)


I have downloaded an instrument from acousticsamples.net and it gave me .wav files in a folder and a .exs file.


How can I open this file with EXS24 ? I haven't found yet...


Thanks a lot !



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The .exs must go into your sampler instrument folder, that's very important. The .wav can go anywhere on your hard drive. To load the instrument you must open an EXS24 on a software instrument track. The EXS24 has a black display that you will have to click on to open a menu. You should see the name of your .exs instrument there, if not refresh the menu from the same menu. The .exs instrument file tells the EXS24 how to read and arrange the .wav file/files that constitute a sampler instrument. Read up on this in the manual under EXS24. - Emile
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