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RECALL external synth patches ??


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Hi all, new to the Forum/Logic..


I'm primarily a Digital Performer user (but playing more+more with Logic, really like it!), my wife (singer/songwriter) is getting to know Logic (stepping up from Garage Band).


Is there a way for Logic to send a "default patch assignment" to an external synth like DP ?


I've set her up with a Multi-Instrument environment in Logic (she's got an Alesis keyboard and uses those onboard sounds), which I've programmed with her sounds so she can choose them in multi-timbral mode straight from Logic, it works great, just like DP.


However, at the next session, DP would "reset" the keyboard and re-send

the original patches to the keyboard, eliminating the need to manually have to write down what settings were used but I can't seem to be able to do that in Logic: even though I've assigned (for ex.) a Piano to midi ch.1 in Logic, it doesn't send out a "default" patch upon loading of the song.


Am I missing something ? or is the only way to do this to manually write a Program Change on that track AFTER having selected a preset ? (seems like double the work to me..).


Many thanks for any help,


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You also need to make sure that the Program box is checked in the Inspector for each MIDI track and that the program # you want is shown there.


Thanks F8



I had assumed that, since the Original Poster had already managed to get the external synth to change patches, this was already checked.


After all, if it wasn't checked, the synth would not change patches :wink:




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