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Help with midiport setting in enviroment for Yamaha MO


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:( Plz help,


I have the Yamaha MO synth and I want to use more than 1 midi port as psychological input to produce midi sounds. I cannot get it to work even if I have the cables connected from psygolical input to sequenser input.


It looks like the when my Yamaha is in voice mode the sounds are really nice. And I want to use those sounds over different midi ports each with 16 midi channels.


Anyone know what I'm doing wrong ore is this not possible and can I only use 1 midiport even when I see 8 midiports in my psychological input? There is no midi message comming in on midi port 2, 3,4 till 8, but only port number 1 works?


Thanx for the help

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