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collaboration on projects via internet

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I am looking for the best way to share Logic projects via the internet in order for others to be able to collaborate on them. I would be really grateful if people could share how they do this.


I have unsuccessfully tried a couple of different methods (details below if you are interested)





Idisk (mobile.me). Repeated server disconnects, Finder keeps locking up and freezing the computer, restart necessary. This is a known problem.

FTP Client (fireftp in firefox). When I try to upload a Logic project folder, what appears on the ftp site is some kind of document file with the same logic name, but none of the logic files themselves.


If you share projects via internet for collaboration purposes, how do you do it?

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FTP is the way to go. I tranfer huge project files with FTP almost every day without a hitch. I highly recommend you compress them first (in the Finder, Control-click the folder and choose "Compress..." to get a .zip file). This makes them more robust for internet protocols.


I haven't used fireftp but most likely your issue happens because you're not compressing the files.


However, personally I find Firefox to be a piece of garbage and would never use it for anything professional. I use Fetch, which makes many of my friends smile, but it works just fine for me. I guess a better FTP client would be Transmit - but again, Fetch is just fine.

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