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Logic Glitch - System over load


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Hi all -


I wonder if any of you are quite happy on Logic 5.5.1 on a PC like me?


I am running Logic 5.5.1 on a P4 3.01 Ghz with 1gb of ram, using a Creamware Scope soundcard.


I have one small problem. When i move Windows around or change parameters on say the mixer in my soundcard, while Logic is playing, Logic will quite regularly (and i mean at least once a minute) give me it's


"ASIO : System Overload. The audio engine was not able to process all the required data in time" message and stop playing.


This is quite annoying as say I want to operate controls on a plugin running on my soundcard (ie a different windows app) the sound will suddenly glitch and stop. Obviously i want to be able to hear what I'm doing over time without having to keep hitting 'play' in logic.


Anyone got any ideas?





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I have the exact same problem. I have been putting up with it for ages and you have shed some light for me. I believe it to be one of 3 things. CPU, Ram, or Graphic. I run a P4 1.8 with 728 meg ram, so if your's is more powerful then it must be graphical.


I suppose it could still depend on how many channels your running. Another possible theory is if like me your running 2 hard drives, one only for apps and the other contains all your audio, depending on the speed of your drives for the time it takes for logic to read off the second drive could be why it stops during playback.


It is quite annoying because I would like to do EQ shifts during playback :(



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hi there -


tried a lot of things to sort this out, including ensuring that my soundcard was running on it's own irq - in the end, increasing the latency in the soundcard was what sorted this out. (up from 3ms to 13ms and it's pretty well sorted)


I've moved over to cubase sx - and had the same sort of issues with glitching... you can see all of the suggestions people gave me to fix the glitches, which in the end were fixed on this thread :




Good luck with it anyway,



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I've read on other posts that users on the PC platform have been able to use as much as 2 gigs or more with out any issues... so if you have problems with logic ,it may be a mobo or XP tweek that you need to do.


I ran on the PC for a few years (P4 2.8GHz 768+/- ram) and never had any real issues...other than the fact that I was sitting still in the quest for new features and needed to jump ship and goto Apple. But the fact that you shouldn't use more than 512Mb sounds a little off to me.

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