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Sysex -> Environment Fader -> Control Change problem


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So I have set up an environment layer to mimic my Juno-106, and used the midi learn function to input the sysex data, with hopes of it changing whatever controllers in logic.


The correct sysex data IS there with VAL on the right bit AND NI Massive is receiving control changes when the faders are moved on the screen. The problem is that the real life faders do nothing (regarding changing fader values) apart from when they are midi 'learnt'. What am I missing?






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Looks like you don't have a cable going from your input port (Sum) to the faders. They can't hear anything from your physical faders unless you cable that port to each fader.


Also note that if you want to record these fader moves, you should cable the faders to the sequencer object, not directly to the instrument.


The Juno 106 Instrument object; is that just a dummy, ie is the port assignment off?

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Ahh so simple, should have figured. Thanks


Regarding the faders, the 106 object is a dummy, should i just cable the faders straight to the NI Massive (instrument object??) channel strip on the 'all objects' view?

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should i just cable the faders straight to the NI Massive (instrument object??)

Yes you can do that and you will have overall control Juno106->Ni Massive all the time, does not matter which Arrange track is selected. But as F8 mentioned you can not record any midi events since there is no connection to the Sequencer object.

There are lots of scenarios I guess - right now I'm away of my hardware equipment, so will try to give some blind examples:

1/ In ( Fig.1) below I show a very simple Environment scheme. You just patch/cable serially your (Sys.CC#) faders between the Physical Input and the Sequencer. This way they will work as "Poorman Transformer" objects. I.e you select the Ni-Massive track and record/operate the Juno 106 as external controller. The good side is that all recorded/automation data will be CC# ( not Sys ) so you can easy edit it using Hyper Draw, Hyper Edit etc... The bad side is you need to select the Ni-Massive track any time you need any control, cause we do not use any direct cabling from the Physical Input.

2/ In ( Fig.2) I do not show any direct cabling - instead of that I show a tip of mine, where I split the "SYS" messages using a small transformer gear, so all "SYS" messages are transformed to CC# ones in Logic "Click & Port" layer, after that they go out of Logic using "IAC" driver so you can "Learn" any Software Instrument or Channel Strip native controls using the "Controller Assignment (CA)" dialog.

Get the template from the "Attachment" below and set/learn the SYS faders to your Juno 106, set the IAC Instrument port if necessary and enable it in your Mac OSX - Audio Midi Setup utility.

Using this tip, you can have overall control of an instrument ( does not matter if any track is selected, depends on your CA advance assignment settings ). You can record "Track Automation" very easy using external "SYS" controller device etc...

3/ There must be hundreds of scenarios using the "Sys" splitter template I offer in the attachment with combination of transformer object set to " Track Automation Splitter > True Top cable" transformer template etc...









Sys to CA.zip

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