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Track Import-Undo Within Folders


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I reported this to Apple, if anyone else is seeing this please verify.


If you import a track from another project into the current project, and you are importing the track into a folder, Logic will crash if you Undo the track import.


Steps to recreate:


1. Enter a folder in the Arrange view.


2. Import a track from another project into current folder.


3. Undo the track import.


4. Logic 9 crashes.


This happens with newly created Logic 9 source/target project files. I suppose the workaround is to delete the newly imported track(s) manually instead of Undo.


(Withholding pointless angry rant)


My setup: Logic 9, 10.5.8, 8-core Mac Pro with way more RAM than Logic knows what to do with.

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Works fine here, can't reproduce.


Hmmm, that is odd because Logic crashes every time I go through those steps. I am using Cmd-Z for undo, I haven't tried selecting Undo from the menu. Are you using Cmd-Z to undo?


I am moving my studio right now, but when I get the everything put back together I will see what type of tracks I am creating/importing to make this happen. I can't remember at the moment.


Maybe it is just something weird with my system, but that's kind of hard for me to believe considering I am recreating this with empty blank projects.

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