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Best Interface for my situation

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I have narrowed it down to these 2. I produce house music and will never, at least in the near future, record any live instruments. I will only be plugging monitors into the interface.


the first is a package deal that I could then resell the Mic/Phones to bring the price of the interface down:




the second is just the interface, but it is firewire over USB:




any help would be appreciated! i have been eying these forever and finally landed a decent paying job.... so now is the time. planning on getting rokit 5's also.... unless you have other suggetions in the 300/pair price range.

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I don't think any of those will give you better monitoring than what you already have on the built-in output of your mac. The only thing you'll gain from an interface like this is a couple of mic pres etc... which you say you don't need.


Use the built-in out on your mac, until you get enough $$ to get an Apogee Duet. That's the first real step up from the built-in out.

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Interesting David, I was under the impression that any external card was better. Thanks for stopping me from spending on something I don't need.


How will I be able to use monitors with just 1 1/8 output from the iMac? I thought that was a other reason for an interface.


Well depending on your monitors and their connections, with something like this:




While this is not the most professional way to go about it - neither is using an el cheapo interface. In fact Apple takes a great amount of care in designing their built-in interface, which really isn't that bad.

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