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Logic 7.2.3 as host on secondary G5?


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I have just upgraded to Logic 9 and am running it on a MacPro 8-core (2008 model), OSX 10.5.7.


Up to now my main computer was a pre-intel G5, OSX 10.4.6, with Logic 7.2.3.


I have a number of virtual instruments installed on the old G5 and would like to access them from the MacPro/Logic 9 via a host. Currently I'm trying Plogue BiduIe as a host on the G5, the interface is ipMIDI.


But I was wondering whether it would be possible to use Logic 7.2.3 as the host on the G5 ... it would give me access to some of the instruments within Logic (Sculpture etc.), and their sounds which are different from the ones in the same instruments in Logic 9 ...


I tried it out once, the Virtual Instrument that I loaded in Logic 7 played the correct sound, but Logic 7 itself didn't like it (screen sets changed rapidly back & forth and wouldn't stop) ...


Is it possible to do this in principle, and if yes, do I need a special setting on Logic 7?


Many thanks!

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